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Teeth Whitening

What Chemicals are in Tooth Whitening Products?

There are various compounds that can be used to brighten and protect a smile....(more)

What are the Common Side Effects of Tooth Bleaching?

Tooth Whitening using chemical agents is effective, but can it be harmful?...(more)

What are the Ways to Get Whiter Teeth?

There are many ways for patients to get a whiter, brighter smile....(more)

How to Get Whiter Teeth Without Bleaching

There are simple steps people can do at home to brighten their smile without purchasing bleaching services....(more)

Cosmetic Dentistry

10 Sexy Gap-Toothed Celebs

The gap tooth look may not be the picture of classic beauty, but it is becoming something of a positive attribute. Presented are 10 celebrities who embrace their imperfect yet natural smiles....(more)

What Are the Options for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Smile makeovers are a concept popularized by the media. What exactly is involved in cosmetic dentistry and what can be accomplished?...(more)

How to Deal With a Broken Tooth

The tooth's outer enamel is the one of the hardest substances in the human body, and usually requires a lot of pressure to compromise its strength. That means that your tooth can break, especially if you fall hard on your face, or get hit hard in the mouth. A broken tooth is no fun at all, especially if the breakage goes all the way down to the tooth's root. However, depending on the magnitude of the break, you may or may not require medical attention. The following are the various degrees of a broken tooth, and the various remedies for each degree of tooth injury....(more)


Dental Articles for Patients

If you are the frequent patient of a dentist, then you might feel a need to read articles about your teeth. Not only can dental articles help keep you informed on what's happening in the dental world, but they can also help keep your teeth healthy. Dental articles can be hard to find, but if you following these simple tips then you will be swimming in a plethora of articles. Here are five simple tips that can help you find the perfect dental articles for you....(more)

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